APNIL Introductory Message

Asia Pacific Network of IL (APNIL) is the first support agency of its kind in Asia for information about IL centers which have already been established and are growing in several countries like Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand. It was founded on January 20, 2007 by participants of the IL Management Training at the Asia Pacific Center for Disabled (APCD). Over the last 5 years, Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) and the Thai government have actively collaborated and shared their resources with APCD and have successfully trained potential PWD leaders with the technical assistance and expertise of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Most PWD trainees at APCD are now working at the forefront of PWD movements in their own countries. APCD has had successful results especially in the training of Peer Counselors and Management Staff.

To recall, during the past 50 years many Asian countries have implemented only welfare policies for PWD’s who they relegated to residential institutions. Over time, PWD rights to take control of their lives and decide on their own have been accepted gradually, thanks to the emergence of the IL Movement in the 1970’s and the establishment of IL Centers thereafter. On December 13, 2006, the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities with particular emphasis on the need for each member state to support a PWD in his life in the community. This makes it imperative for Asian national governments to build a system of support and services for their PWD population. Such a situation highlights the significance of the establishment of IL centers whose support and services are designed to empower each and every PWD to seek and work for accessibility and auxiliary services. APNIL has a crucial role as an information center for its member IL Centers. We envision APNIL membership to grow and expand, beyond the present 150, all over Asia-Pacific, to include those who finished APCD IL seminars and those from existing IL centers in the region.
APNIL has following objectives:

  1. To establish network of APNIL members
  2. To disseminate activity reports, exchange and provide information, and conduct linkages and related activities through the APNIL website
  3. To develop leaders for IL centers
  4. To create a comprehensive database on IL in Asia
  5. To promote the IL program, peer-counseling and empowerment of PWD’s

About Admin

To Asia Pacific Network for IL Center Dear friends, We hope this mail finds you well. Asia Pacific Network for IL Center (APNIL) starts e-group on January 20, 2007. Initial members of this e-group are mainly composed of trainees of APCD IL seminar on December 2006. If you have friends who also participated into APCD IL seminars, please encourage them to participate into this e-group. To this group, you can remove and add your personal e-mail address by informing the administrators. As to organizations’ mail address, this group continues to deliver messages. Individuals and organizations which concern with IL in Asia will be members of this e-group. We would like to open this group not only to ex-APCD trainees but also to participants into Daskin training programs, JICA IL projects and any other IL training programs, and develop Asian IL network. English is the basic language of this group. Hence, please inform someone who want to participate but cannot use English to find assistance for translation into own languages. If we are suggested that some information in ML of this e-group be informed to related agencies, professionals or mass-media for promotion of our movement, we will upload that information to our web site after determination of committee members who were chosen at APCD training course in the last December. Our web site will be opened near future. Of course, we will ask for permission to informants of information about upload. To this ML, please share your activities from the last December briefly. I hope this e-group will contribute to development of IL centers in Asia-Pacific. Best regards, Committee Members of APNIL Committee members of APNIL: Japan Mr. Shoji Nakanishi Malaysia Mr. Yong Wah Hee Mr. Peter Tan Pakistan Mr. Shafiq-U-Rehman Philippines Mr. Abner Nguyen Manlapaz Ms. Garaldine Pilapil Ruiz Thailand Mr. Theerayut Sukolthan
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2 Responses to APNIL Introductory Message

  1. Md. Mahbubul Ashraf says:

    I am Md. Mahbubul Ashraf from Bangladesh. I am 45, a paraplegic person, and Coordinator of Association for the Welfare of the Disabled People AWDP). I highly felicitate APNIL for its right initiative at the right time. Though disability movement has made a good advancement in the field of awareness, advocacy, policy guidelines, coordination and networking but still there were some avenues to intervene. Independent Living is one among those avenues, especially for elderly people with disabilities and mentally retarded persons of this region.

    In Bangladesh it is badly needed. In 1997 we had started a small center for mebtally retared children as `AWDP Educare Center’. We got a good response but couldn’t contue the center because of funding constraints.

    We are very much interested to be associated with you and keen to implement any of your efforts in Bangladesh.

    Md. Mahbubul Ashraf
    Secretary and Coordinator, AWDP
    ashrafdp@gmail.com, awdp@agni.com

  2. I just recently came across your blog site here, thanks to the attentions of Ghulam Nabi Nazimani. Less than three months ago, I started a blog of my own focused on disability, poverty, human rights, and other development issues in developing countries. The We Can Do blog is located at http://wecando.wordpress.com. I hope you will explore it and perhaps find some information of interest.

    I have now added your site to the “blog roll” at We Can Do (see the right hand navigation bar, or at the very bottom of the page at We Can Do). If you intend to post a blogroll of your own I hope you will consider adding a link to We Can Do. (If you are still learning how wordpress works, let me know and maybe I can help a little. I’m no techy expert, but I’ve picked up a few of the minimal basics along the way.)


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