Kuala Lumpur Independent Living Centre – Activity Report for September 2007

IL Outreach Programme supported by Toyota Foundation Grant.

The Kuala Lumpur Independent Living Centre was officially established on September 15, 2007. The centre’s first client was Mr. Yap Kim Soon, 23, spinal cord injury C5/C6 since 2004. He stays at Selayang with his family. Selayang is 30km north of Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

Kim Soon and I have been communicating through Yahoo IM for a few months already. During the first visit to his home on September 15, 2007, I share with him about the concepts of IL and how it is being practiced in Japan. I also brought 2 videos on IL to show him.

On my second visit in September 23, 2007, I introduced ILP and PC to him. I also gave him a copy of the ILP Manual in Chinese. Kim Soon seems very receptive to the idea of IL and asked many questions.

Within this reporting period, I have also spoken to two other persons with spinal cord injury regarding IL. The response was not good as they do not seem very keen in knowing more on IL. At the same time, I have contacted a friend of a person who has severe disability caused by spinal cord injury. The said person is currently on a ventilator to assist his breathing. He is 58 years old, had an accident 7 years ago. We are both alumni from the same high school. No appointment has been set to meet him yet.

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