Philippines Activity Report for October 2007

PCIL organized an online meeting last October 13 and November 7, 2007. It was attended by HACI-Cebu, HACI-CDO, SCIF and Life Haven. The following are the activity reported by each organization.

Life Haven and SCI Foundation agreed to continue the activities in Philippine Orthopedic Center to help newly disabled persons understand disability and to help prepare them with their new situation. We are now looking for funders to continue the program. Presently, we are continuing hospital visits and identify ourselves as staffs from Independent Living Center.

The National Anti-Poverty Commission is also preparing for the fund release amounting to 125,000 pesos for Peer Counseling Seminar Workshop. Participants of this workshop will come from different parts of Luzon. Meanwhile, we are working with the Department of Health (DOH) to integrate IL peer counseling as part of the national health program of DOH. It is not sure yet whether it will only be a hospital-based program or a community-based program as well.

We are still continuing our assistance on wheelchair, particularly to hospital patients that do not have a wheelchair yet and are ready to be discharge.

HACI-CDO successfully federated different organization from their region and Mr. Ike Ampo is sitting as Vice-President. Mr. Ampo also submitted a proposal to their federation for IL Peer Counseling Seminar for their 2008 working plan. They are also negotiating with their local government for housing affordable scheme for persons with disabilities. This project is in collaboration with Lions Club, Habitat for Humanity and the local government of Cagayan de Oro. HACI-CDO is also proposing for a subsidized Social Security System (SSS) to allow more persons with disabilities to become member of SSS. Mr. Ampo also express their interest with the Toyota Foundation grant and said that they will prepare a proposal for the grant.

HACI-Cebu is busy doing home visit to persons with disabilities more especially to newly disabled persons. HACI-Cebu, requested the Redemptorist church for possibility of using their financial support for a city-wide program instead of a parish-based program because the parish only identified 1 possible beneficiaries of their project. They will also publish articles about persons with disabilities and Independent Living program. They are also preparing a pool of P.A. However, there is no new P.A. candidates yet.

SCI Foundation submitted their proposal already to the local government for establishing IL center. They are also planning to join the federation that the City Social Welfare Department is organizing.

PCIL is very interested with the news about the wheelchairs and lift van for donation in the Philippines. The group wanted to know more details on how we can get the donation. Mr. Nonoy concha provided information about how to acquire a tax-exempted donation. Mr. Concha said the organization that will import or the recipient of the donation must be a licensed welfare agency under Department of Social Welfare (DSWD.) DSWD will assist the organization on the documents required and to the extent of having the donation tax exempt from the bureau of customs

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