Activity Report from CIL-Kathmandu, Nepal

Feb 15.
CIL Kathmandu completed workshop/training on “Human right education and UN Convention for the Persons with Disabilities” from 28th Jan to 30th Jan 2008. This program was organized with the collaboration of Human Right Yes team America. The resource persons were Ms. Janet Lord and Ms. Valerie Karr from Washington D.C.

One of the young leader from Japan (Mainstream Association) Mr. DAI OKITA is here at CIL Kathmandu for 2 months. CIL Kathmandu is going to organize Independent Living Training in Nepal. Shafiq and Akmal from Pakistan will attend the training.

Nepal Government is going to held Constitution Assembly Election on April 10. Persons with disabilities are demanding the government and political parties for the immediate action which include representation of PWDs in legislative body to be formed to promulgate the constitution, reservation of seats for constituent assembly election, and inclusion of appropriate paragraphs and wordings in the interim constitution.

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