Activity Report from Beautiful Gate Foundation, Malaysia

Beautiful Gate Foundation for the Disabled
Independent Living Activity Report for November/December 2007

November 5
Home visitation to Taiping (northern part of Malaysia)
Visit a spinal injury person. Bed ridden for 5 years.
Action taken: brought him to Hospital in KL for his health problem and attended a rehabilitation course to strengthen his arm, and for daily activities training. He is now still in hospital for his diabetic treatment. Follow up by Hee Yong Wah via providing peer counseling.

November 7
Meeting with Residents Association in SS2 in order to get their support in providing a friendly environment for PWDs to live independently in the community of SS2.
Sia Siew Chin was elected as committee member of Residents Association of SS2, become medium between SS2 Residents Association and PWDs in SS2.

November 17
Jointly organized parade by PWDs at Muar together with Society of Love Independent Living for PWDs Muar. About 50 PWDs take part. Submitted memorandum to State Assembly Man of Muar.

November 23
Produce DVD about story of a PWD who live independently.
This DVD will be distributed to hospital to encourage those newly disabled persons.

December 3
Radio broadcast about International Day of PWDs.
It is an hour program. I mentioned about obstacles that prevented PWDs to live an independent life and appeal public & government to eliminate the obstacles.

December 6, 13, 20, 27
Weekly IL program
3pm-5pm, 9 pwds attended.

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