Activity Report from Philippines for Feb 2008

Report per organization as follows:

– Report of SCI Foundation by Edwin de Villa
The success of the recent Independent Living and Peer Counseling training conducted by Life Haven in partnership with SCI Foundation boosted the initiatives of persons with disabilities in the City of Santa Rosa, Province of Laguna. Three citizens with disabilities from the city of Santa Rosa who received the training, wholeheartedly embraced the concept and philosophy of IL. As a result, the three trainees are helping Edwin to initiate and to start a group in Santa Rosa that would be recognized by the LGU and will be part of the City Social Welfare Department’s initiative to form a Federation of PWD groups within the community.
This coming March 14 – 19, SCI Foundation intend to conduct another Independent Living and Peer Counseling training at The Richville Hotel, EDSA, Mandaluyong City. Target participants will be from Tagaytay City, Province of Cavite and Metro Manila.

Question: Who will fund the Independent Living and Peer Counseling Seminar workshop on March 14-19? (Ike)
Answer: We are looking for sponsors from government offices and private companies. (Edwin)

– Report of HACI de oro by Dr. Ike Anpo
1. HACI Cagayan De Oro is finalizing the preparation for the Independent Living Program and Peer Counseling Training and Workshop with close coordination with Tess of HACI Cebu. It will be held on February 21, 2008.
2. Mr. Renan Abas, an SCI individual with cervical level joined their fellowship with Canadian Missionaries. Ike is inviting Renan to attend on February 21 ILP/PC Training and Workshop.
3. Ike helped a friend who suffered spinal cord injury due to gun shot wound 2 months ago to avail of a wheelchair from the 7th Day Adventist (a Religious organization).
4. Usual Radio program every Sunday with new time slot from 5:00 to 5:30 pm.

– Report of HACI Cebu by Teresa “Tess” O. Chua
1. HACI is in the process of Dissolution. They had meeting with their partner, the Redemptorist Fathers and HACI IL team members, 4 out of 9 HACI IL team members were present. Present were Johnny, Dario, Gigi and Tess.
2. Redemptorist Fathers will continue their support to the IL movement in Cebu. They are now thinking whether they will form a new organization for IL Team or they will attach to one of the existing organizations for IL or other organization that will adopt IL program. Nonetheless, they are exploring the idea of inviting PARM doctor to be part of the new association or organization. Everything is sketchy at this time but the IL activities continue.
3. At this time, they have submitted ILP material to Dr. Velez of Cebu Velez General Hospital with the hope that they will have an office inside their compound to make them more visible to the community. Velez Hospital caters to Class BCD.
4. Tess hopes to have more time on ILP starting March as she have tendered her resignation to work as part time accountant. She is looking forward to learn from each other.
5. Tess and Irah visited an 8 year old boy, a banker friend of Tess referred him to the group. The group wanted to refer the boy to Leliani Fund. He was contracted with Meningitis when he was 4 months old. He underwent surgery when he was 8 months old to have a tube connected to drain the fluid from his brain. His father takes care of him since then. Irah is now working her way to document his case so the group can make referral to other organization who can help him.

– Report of Life Haven by Abner Manlapaz
1. On January 13-17, Life Haven and SCI Foundation conducted the IL peer counseling seminar workshop in Jalajala, Rizal. It was funded by DOH thru NAPC-PWD. Participants came from Nueva Ecija, Sta. Rosa, Rizal, Batangas and National Capital Region (NCR). The workshop generates positive feedback from the participants. Increased activities are expected from their areas especially that each of the 3 provinces intends to replicate the seminar in their place.
2. SCI Foundation & Life Haven is looking for funds to conduct another peer counseling workshop this come March, 2008.
3. The Sub-committee on Independent Living under the National Anti-Poverty Commission – Persons with Disabilities Sector (NAPC-PWD) is writing a report about the IL movement in the Philippines. I hope that your organization can provide some reports which have been successful from the past years.

– Tess and Johnny expressed their intention to send their testimony and activity report to include in the reports being prepared by the Sub-committee on IL of NAPC-PWD. They expressed how their life was change since they attended their first IL seminar.
– Abner reported the updates in APNIL meeting. Discussed were the activities and agreements in Global IL Network, updates on IL movement in Thailand which Shoji reported during his visit in Nakhonpathom last December 2007. Abner also informed the group that APNIL website is now very informative. The website will be linked to other IL networks from around the world. Local websites of APNIL members shall also be linked to APNIL. Abner encourage the group to send to APNIL their website as this is good promotions for all.

HCA Plan to conduct seminar in the Philippines anytime around early June. They wanted to know what Philippines need so HCA could prepare to increase Philippines capacity. Peer counseling, IL Program or Personal Assistant service are example that Philippines might be interested. The group could not decide at the moment and suggested that the group will set a meeting with Shoji to assist on the assessment of the group as to what is needed by Philippines to increase the capacity.

Beautiful Gate Foundation’s Proposal:
Beautiful gate foundation of Malaysia is proposing for partnership to hold here in the Philippines one of their performance tour. They are 28 persons (performers and necessary staffs) in the tour and seeking assistance for accommodation and domestic transportation. The proposal is still being translated from local language to English. Once finished, they will send us the copy for our reference. Partner organization can raise funds thru their performance.
Ike requested for a video clips showing their performances.
All agreed to discuss this matter further after receiving enough information regarding the performance tour.

The Latter Day Saints thru AKAP-PINOY will be donating wheelchairs across the country. Requirements are social case study and picture of the recipient. It is expected to arrive sometime March this year.
Ike would like to follow-up on the 2nd hand wheelchairs and accessible vehicle from Japan.

Abner informed the group about the home-based work opportunity. Requirements are: 1) Must be a person with disability; 2) proficient in English; and 3) can use internet effectively. Interested applicants should send their complete name, mailing address, email address, and telephone numbers.

Minutes were kindly taken by Tess Chua.

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