Activity Report from Philippines for March 2008

(From Regular PCIL On-line Meeting on March 10, 2008)

HACI – Cebu
HACI is undergoing the dissolution process. There will be board meeting tomorrow. I cannot give you much at this time. On Wednesday, we will have IL meeting to discuss on how do you carry the IL in the future after HACI’s dissolution. HACI IL team will meet on Wednesday, March 12. Johnny and I will make a follow up visit with Therese and Nelbert (both SCI) whom we visited last year. We will find out if our Cebu Velez General hospital will allow us to have an office inside their campus after the international convention this March 27 to 29. Their contact, Dr. Jorgen Lim is still busy on their convention. The Cebu IL Team is not yet resolved whether they will form a new organization or will attach themselves to existing organization.
(Tess Chua and Johnny Cacanindin)

HACI – Cagayan De Oro
We just had a successful IL and PC one-day seminar here with the help of mam TESS. I had given my report and financial expenses, pictures to HUMAN CARE. We had an audience with our Misamis Oriental Governor Oscar Moreno fora lot since our Cong. Rufus Rodriguez promise for the infra but the Gov. declined our request…we will look for another donor will be our next move. This is the construction of an Independent Living Center-our version of OSCA. We donated a wheelchair form the 7th day Adventist to a gunshot SCI patient at the German Doctors’. The housing program of Habitat for PWDs will be launched this April. That’s all for now.
(Ike Ampo)

Life Haven & SCI Foundation
We (SCIF & LHI) are still looking for funds to conduct another peer counseling workshop. The original plan is to do the seminar workshop this March, however, due to budget constraints, we will move it to another date if we can raise the necessary funds. We visited a CP person (a quadriplegic on wheelchair who can barely move his limbs) in jail last March 4, 2008. He is in prison for about 5 years already for raping a young girl. They vehemently deny the accusation despite the court of appeal reaffirms the decision of the lower court. The case is now in the Supreme Court. It is being handled by the Department of Justice and was referred to the Public Attorney’s Office. We visited him to let him know that there are group of persons with disabilities who cares and empathize for him. We also wanted to see his condition inside the prison. He was so happy to see us and he narrated his story to the group. I met with Dr. Istvan Patkai and Violeta Bayato of CBM, they are in-charge of CBM’s Community Mental Health Program. I found out that they are now doing a lot of awareness campaign to help persons with mental illnesses including those with epilepsy. Information disseminated are substitute low-cost medicine, how to treat people with this kind of disability, etc. The program is geared towards community support, thus, making the community aware of their condition and therefore making them to respond better with their needs. Dr. Istvan is interested with what we are doing in the IL movement, particularly peer counseling among other services and activities we are doing. In the end, we can work together to bring this benefits to people with mental illnesses. They recognize us as a cross-disability group and they are very happy to know this.
(Edwin De Villa and Abner Manlapaz)

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