Report from Nepal – CIL Kathmandu

The Constitution Assembly Election has hold on 10th April, 2008 after a long decade of People’s war and 19 days of Peoples Movement in Nepal. The results of the Constitution Assembly election have been pouring in from various parts of the country indicating a clear majority of the Communist Party Nepal (Maoists). On the other hand, most of the top political parties i.e.; Communist Party Nepal (UML) and Nepali Congress (NC) have experienced a humiliating defeat. There might be some reasons behind this,

First, and the foremost, what it depicts to a large extent is that the people have been fed up with the obsolete political discourse of the top parties Communist Party Nepal (UML) and Nepali Congress (NC). They were aspiring of a real change in the country for a long time.

Secondly, the people have expressed moral support to the decade-long Maoist war as the only means to abolish the monarchy by root from the country once and for all.

Thirdly, as the CPN (UML) and the NC argued, the amazing success of the Maoists is due to people’s desire for peace, which they thought could be achieved only by ending the insurgency as the Maoists were threatening to start armed rebellion all over again.

Whatever the reason behind the victory, the people have put all the responsibilities on the Maoists’ shoulder. Fulfillment of all aspirations of the voters seems to be a big challenge for the Maoists, as they are said to be native in statesmanship.

The Maoist leadership should pay heed to people’s aspiration and implement all the programs proposed in their manifesto. The people have given a chance to the CPN Maoist who repeatedly claimed that they would give them a roadmap for development and success. So that they should wisely utilize this opportunity and provide sustainable ground for all Nepalese irrespective of parties, castes and creed, sex and gender, Persons with Disabilities they belong to- to prosper, succeed and smile at both individual and social levels.

Krishna Gautam
CIL Kathmandu

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