Activity Report from Philippines for March 2008

Activity Report from Philippines for March 2008
(From Regular PCIL On-line Meeting on April 22, 2008)

DATE: April 22, 2008
TIME: 8:00 PM to 10: PM

Mr. Abner Manlapaz , LHI
Mr. Edwin de Villa , SCI Foundation
Dr. Enrique ‘Ike’ Ampo, HACI DE ORO
Ms. Teresa ‘Tess’ Chua, HACI Cebu

1. Activity Report
(1) Activity Report by Ike for HACI de Oro.
(a) HACI de Oro submitted three names for the Internship Program.
(b) Regular Radio Program for updates, issues and concerns on Persons with Disability 9PWDs) every Sunday now moved to a new time slot from 5:00pm to 5:30pm.
(c) Lions Club, a civic organization, and Oro Habitat for Humanity in partnership with the City Government launched the Housing Program for PWDs that provides lot for persons with disabilities. The PWDs were in full force and had a brief sweat equity by passing over piles of hallow blocks on April 5, 2008 at 9am
(d) The City Federation of PWDs in our City which I am the President, gave a letter to the Mayor’s Office for possible lot donation for our IL Center. We still have to get response from the Mayor’s Office. The infrastructure funds will come from the 2 Congressmen of our city.
(e) Monitoring of the Accessibility Law Implementation for new buildings and public transport is conducted regularly.
(f) On March 19,2008, I visited a new friend who has SCI for two years now. His house is located in the municipality of Salay, Misamis Oriental that is 2-1/2hours away from Cagayan de Oro City. My PA, Joel Pabia accompanied me in this visit.
– He newly married to his girl friend before the accident happened. He used to be a fire fighter and now doing office work at their Fire Department. He is living near his work place.
– I showed him the CD of APCD and stories of PWDs in Thailand undergoing IL Program. He was curious to find out how do I attend to my personal needs such as put on my clothes, shoes and others. In his case, he is always assisted either by his wife or mother.

Abner: Ike, did you show him how you put on your clothes, shoes and etc.?
Ike: I showed him how I wear my shoes. He said he can not cross his legs and I told him that he can do it. Its just that he gained weight.
Abner: That’s nice for him to learn from you.
Ike: I described to him how I put on my clothes.
Abner: Sometimes, they need to see how it is being done more than describing it to them so that they will have the idea
Ike: He watched intensely on how I made my transfer from my wheelchair to the car. I also shared with him how I urinate because I notice he is using diaper.

(2) Activity Report by Edwin of SCI Foundation.
(a) Our negotiation with Local Government Unit (LGU) somehow paid off, we have a local legislation adopting the Republic Act (R.A. 7277) The Accessibility Law and support for Office of Person with Disability Affairs (OPDA). Please check the attached files.
(b) Though we will be under the supervision of the government, we will be able to provide services of an IL center through OPDA. We can still be a movement and act as a separate organization if necessary.

(3) Activity Report by Tess of HACI CEBU.
(a) We did not have activities outside HACI members. HACI Cebu is undergoing sad experiences these days. Atty. Gaboya, one of the co founder of HACI had a stroke in February, and he is paralyzed. We introduced PA to his wife in order to assist Atty. Gaboya when he is being discharged from the hospital.
(b) We lost a member 2 weeks ago, he is a quadriplegic, due to frailty of health.
(c) We have 2 members diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer.
(d) HACI CEBU will continue to strengthen its activities even after the dissolution process. Meantime, we will lodged ourselves with the Avila foundation. They will be the custodian of our funds, Cebu IL team will have the decision on the funds. We have to write Letter of Intent to the Avila Foundation to formalize it.
(e) We will continue to evaluate the Cebu IL Team as we continue our activities and if we think we are ready to take the big step. We will put up a Center.

(4) Activity Report by Abner of LHI.
(a) In March, 2006 Life Haven joined the workshop organized by DOH to formulate the National Health Program for PWDs. IL Peer Counseling is recognized by DOH, in fact, when they distributed their guidelines for formulating the program, Peer Counseling is within the framework. Many participants showed support to IL philosophy, such as peer counseling and personal assistant (support system). We are also pushing for mandatory issuance of philhealth card for all Persons with disability and increase its coverage.
(b) Life Haven is also invited by Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) for the Transportation Accessibility Summit, which was held last March. HACI also attended this summit. Today, Abner was informed that this coming march, the plan will be finalized based on the output of the summit. The DOTC will invite LHI again for the final plan.
(c) Cristoffel Blind Mission (CBM), a non government organization, is very interested with our Peer Counseling Program. As a show of support, Dr. Istvan invited me to the Healthy Mind Summit 2008 held on April 21, 2008 at SMX Convention Ceter. Dr. Istvan is the head of the Community Mental Health Program of CBM. They would like to increase cooperation with us. The Philippine Psychiatric Association is pushing for a Mental Health Act which was supported by Secretary Duque of Department of Health (DOH). It is alarming to note that 32% of Filipinos suffer from some form of mental disorder, according to DOH research study conducted in 2006.
(e) Abner went to Department of foreign Affair’s office (DFA) today and attended the Sub-Committee of International disability Caucus (IDN) under the office of National Council on Disability’s Affair (NCDA) regarding the CRPD. The President ratified the CRPD thru an Executive Order and United Nation accepted it. Philippines is the 23rd country to ratify it. On May 12, UN office in New York will be having a celebration for the landmark convention. Philippines is planning to join the celebration by gathering a large assembly and invite the President in the celebration so we could express our appreciation for her commitment to the PWD sector.
(f) The PWD group is planning to have a march or walk to create impact and some suggested that groups of PWDs from provinces join us in this celebration on May 12.
(g) The I.D. for the 20% discount was already finalized. Issuance of this I.D. can come from NCDA, LGU (Mayor, Barangay). I think the I.D. form can be downloaded from the website of NCDA for easier reproduction. It has to be signed by the City Mayor or municipality mayor. Please remember there is limit for purchases on grocery items and no limit for transportation, movie houses, motels and medicines. That means the PWDs must have a booklet to monitor the purchases of his grocery items. We can copy the booklet which the senior citizens are using.

2. Upcoming Training:
Report from Edwin.
Human Care Association (HCA) has approved on the request of HACI Cebu and HACI de Oro for additional personal assistant of 1 each. HCA is interested with Bayview Park Hotel, they will confirm it within the week.
The first quotation we received for the venue and accommodation is P396,000.00. I was able to talk with a travel agency whose offer for the same venue is at a lower price, it is something like P365,000.00. Under that circumstance, we are thinking of asking HCA if we can add trainee but I have to confirm whether price on meals are same.

Abner: Edwin please check if we get to have a complimentary room for the secretariat.

3. Other Matters:
(1) Internship program.
Who sent their application for the internship program?
– Ike of HACI de oro sent 3 applications including himself.
– Abner applied for the internship program for the reason that the original applicants backed out due to the duration of the internship and their counterpart on the expenses to be incurred.
– The only HACI Cebu member who is qualified for the internship program is Johnny because he is the only member who is below 40.

Since there are no other matters, the meeting adjourned at 10:00 P.M.

Minutes taken by: Teresa ‘Tess’ Chua

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