Activity Report from Malaysia, May 2008

Activity Report from Malaysia, May 2008

In order to implement IL more effectively and get the involvement of government, we registered our IL activities & program with Rigistrar of Society as a separate organization, name as Society of Independent Living For The Disabled Selangor. The registration was approved by government in February 2008.

We rent a house to set up IL centre in month of April 2008, and done some minor renovation and preparation in the month of May. We plan a series of weekly training program on IL Program and PC Program and submitted to welfare department. Government verbally agree to grant us with grant for us to run the two program. We will start the weekly program in the month of July.

The government is now setting up a task force to look into how to set up more IL centres next year, and to study on how to give status recognition to qualified Peer Counselor.

Sia Siew Chin
Beautiful Gate Foundation

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