Activity Report from Capital Independent Living Centre, Islamabad, Pakistan

Activity Report from Capital Independent Living Centre, Islamabad, Pakistan

Refresher Training on “Independent Living and Peer-Counseling” for Persons with Disabilities
Organized by Capital Independent Living Centre (CILC)
22-23 June, 2008

Capital Independent Living Centre (CILC) organized two days Training on Independent Living and Peer-Counseling in Al-Maktoom, Special Education Centre for Visually Impaired Children, G-7/2, Islamabad

The basic aim of that training was to enhance knowledge and to facilitate the interactive (participatory) sharing of ideas that will enable participants to think systematically about implementing activities of Independent living and Peer-Counseling.

– Refreshes and enhance knowledge and skills of a wide range of both national and international disability related issues. And also share practical experience after getting the trainings from APCD and JICA
– Be able to analyze the disability related issues at grassroots level and find practical solutions.
– Build independent Living capacity and be able to empower other persons with disabilities in their organizations, societies and countries.
– Obtain skills to manage the activities of Independent Living Program and to make an effective presentation.
– Exchange ideas and experience with other participants of the course and promote mutual understanding

Participated By:
Almost 20 persons with disabilities participated in this training which includes pioneer members of STEP, Women with Disabilities, some Volunteers.

Whole Training facilitated by former APCD trainees, Ms. Abia, Ms. Pakeeza, Ms. Sadia, Ms. Nasreen Aziz and Mr. Muhammad Imran.

The orientation ceremony was inaugurated by Ms. Robina Anjum, Director Al-maktoom Special Education Center for Visually Handicapped Children.

The Ice breaking session oriented the training. All participants who belonged to different backgrounds and strange to each other became close and familiar through this session.

Urdu/ English lecture will be translated in Urdu simultaneously

Contents of the training
Following contents were focused in the training.

1. Independent Living
– History and Philosophy of IL
– ILC Management
– Role of President of ILC
– Role Play
– Services of IL
– Advocacy
– Peer-counseling
– Personal Assistant Service
– Housing Information
– IL Program (ILP)

2. Peer-counseling
1) History of peer-counseling
2) Purpose
3) Agreements
4) Relationship
5) New & Good
6) Human Nature
7) Discharge of Emotion
8) Oppressions
9) How to conduct sessions
10) What they have learnt

All the sessions conducted successfully. The Participant actively participated in the sessions.

Certificate Distribution
Mr. Khalid Naeem, the Director General Ministry of Social Welfare & Special Education participated as the chief guest in the closing ceremony. He encouraged the participants to forget about their disabilities and perform their roles as an active part of society. He further assured his cooperation for the betterment of PWDs. Certificates to the participants were distributed by him.

15 Persons with disabilities are empowered. Acquire the basic knowledge about disability movement, Independent Living and Peer-counseling. Esteemed with new spirit, came out of their shells and disappointment. They are ready to be an active part of CILC and society as well. They want to be a role model and good peer-counselor for other PWDs in the community.

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