Milestone national network of DPOs has achieved a big target

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Dear Leaders of disability movement,

Milestone national network of DPOs has achieved a big target.
1- Disabled persons of Pakistan can get 1000Rs every month directly from the provincial government.
2- Severe disabled persons can get 2000Rs as BENAZIR SOCIAL SECUTRITY FUND FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING, So its mean that now the severe disabled persons could use Personal attendant services.
3- Disabled persons of Pakistan can get their own wheelchair due to their requirement of disability from government (first 120 wheelchairs already distributed on 14th August by the Zumard Khan Sahab and Dr. Israr Shah Sahab with collaboration of Milestone. Hearing Aid also available free of coast by the federal Government. 500 white can also distributed on 14th August. All assistive devices are by the Pakistan Bait ul Mall and the federal government. For devices you can send the application in milestone office or in Pakistan Bait ul Mall. An application with the copy of Nation ID card.
4- If a family have 2 or more the 2 disabled persons in a same family that family will declared a special respected family and will supported by the government.

Dear friend we did this and implementation is also started and if you will not take responsibility to make it social movement it will be fail. Share this information with your colleague organizations and members with disabilities.

Lot of Love
Shafiq Ur Rehman
479-omer block Allama Iqbal Town Lahore, Pakistan
MILESTONE H8/4 street NO 7 Next to Pakistan Bait ul Mall, Islamabad Pakistan

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