Activity Report from Philippines, August 2008

Activity Report from Philippines, August 2008
(From Regular PCIL On-line Meeting on August 1, 2008)

PCIL Report for August
Date: August 1, 2008

Dr. Ike Ampo – Haci de Oro
Johnny Cacanindin – HACI Cebu
Edwin de Villa – SCIF
Mark Espesor – ADP – Iloilo
Sheryl Jane Uy – Iloilo
Virginia Montilla – Tahanan Walang Hagdanan (TWH Home without Stairs)

We had 3 new members who joined this meeting, Virginia Montilla is from TWH who joined the Advanced Philippine IL workshop, Mark Espesor, a Daskin trainee and Sheryl Jane Uy, a former military officer who got across IL in Hawaii. Most of the organizations were busy for the 30th National Disability Prevention and rehabilitation week.

Report from Haci de Oro:
We have Identified a PWD in need of a PA and the City Federation of PWDs in Cagayan de Oro submitted a Php100,000.00 budget proposal for the remaining months to be used in their trainings for IL and PA honorarium.

Report from HACI:
We will have an orientation in IL for the Association of the Deaf in Cebu on August 10, other activities are to be discussed further.

Report from TWH:
I am now preparing a proposal for an IL workshop to be conducted this coming December for the residents of TWH, and seek the support of resource persons namely Abner, Edwin, Jun and Joon. I am also looking forward into having a meeting with the Barangay Captain to have a dialogue with the owners of the apartments within the vicinity of TWH to be accessible for PWDs

Report from SCIF:
July 30, I went to the Barangay Hall and the Barangay Captain personally identified 21 PWDs in the area. We are also seeking help from the Barangay to conduct an orientation in IL and our basic rights and privileges.

Update August 20, 2008
We intended to visit one PWD, 54 years old, male. We found out that his house is not accessible for us at the moment since road improvements are on going near of his place. We will have to pass a single plank about 12 inches wide and 2 meters long and it was raining. Though I was able to talk to his wife, he can still walk with an assistive device for short distances.

I also found out that majority on the list given by the Barangay Captain are also senior citizens, but we are starting to reach out to the younger ones.

The proposal I sent (please see attachment) to the Barangay will be approved if the majority of the PWDs within the community are interested.

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