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Report Activities of Attendent Services
Submitted By: Independent Living Center Kathmandu
Submitted To: APNIL

In 2005 the political situation Nepal was not favourable to work in right based movement. The whole nation was suffering by the extreme phase of arm conflict and on the other hand there was direct ruling of King. In the leadership of seven party’s alliance the people of Nepal were in the preparation of peoples’ movement to liberate the country from the cruel claws of autocracy. In this situation CIL-Kathmandu also thought to show its solidarity with the physical involvement of persons with disabilities in the movement. In the April of 2006 all Nepalese came on the road for agitation against and CIL-Kathmandu also showed its adventurous contribution in the movement on behalf of civil society by involving PWDs in the great peoples’ movement. After the success of peoples’ movement this organization was legally registered in the district administration office, Kathmandu in August 2006 along with the changing political scenario.

Introduction of the Organization:
Independent Living Center (CIL-Kathmandu) is completely non-profitable and non political self help organization entirely run by persons with disabilities. This is a non governmental organization established to work for the promotion and protection of the rights of persons with disabilities (PWDs) through the concept of independent living. The term eIndependent Livingf as defined by people with disabilities does not mean doing things for yourself, or living on your own. It means having choice and control over the assistance and/or equipment/assistive devices needed for daily life and having access to amenities that society has to offer such as housing, transport, health services, employment, as well as entertainment, education and training opportunities. Independent Living (IL) is a vision, a philosophy and a movement of persons with disabilities to promote and protect the human rights of PWDs. It interprets disability in social model and rights based approach. CIL-Kathmandu has been working basically in policy advocacy for increasing the participation of PWDs in the decision making
process, peer counseling to the disabled persons, personal assistant services (PAS), independent living program (ILP) in terms of training on daily living skills etc.

Project Attendants’ production and disability awareness programs for university students:
There was very strong and vital support of university students in IL movements of US and Japan. University students are always powerful agents to change the society. And, to include such a force in IL movements can be very rewarding and double advantages for the PWDs and PWDs movements. This concept was realized very early by CIL-Kathmandu but it did remain for a long time as unfulfilled dream. After a long time CIL-Kathmandu is proud to start this program. This dream became reality by very meaningful grant provided by APNIL. With the financial support of APNIL, CIL Kathmandu organized first terminal Attendants’ production and disability awareness programs for university students was successfully completed. The Project objectives are given below:-
1. To produced trained Attended
2. To give the direct benefit from the attendants service programs by helping them to their daily living activities and decision making process.
3. To establish the attendant’s services programs as the part of social security system of nation by which both society as well as IL centre would be benefit.
4. To aware about the disability issues in college level students so as to make the issues as concern as general public.
5. To expand IL philosophy and to intervene in its core activities differencing its vision and philosophy
than others.

Activity 1-
Orientation for the students at Patan Multiple College:
The first term of the program was conducted at Patan Multiple Campus on date 26 February, 2009. There were all about 70 students who actively take part in the programs. The resources persons from CIL-Kathmandu are Mr. Tek Bahadur Gurung, Mr. Bhoj Raj Shrestha, Krishna Cahudhary, Deepak K.C and attendant coordinator Mr. Ramesh Neupane. In the program Mr. Bhoj Raj Shrestha gave his well-come speech and share different aspects of disabilities issues like who is disabled, what is disability, different kind of disability and situation of disability in our own society. Mr. Tek Bahadur Gurung explained the purpose of the programs and explained the activities of CIL-Kathmandu and Mr. Deepak K.C explained the IL philosophy and his experiences of Japan. On the other hand Mr. Ramesh Neupane shared his own experience as attendants very skillfully-like what was his first experience by seeing the person seating in wheelchair, his gradual friendship with disabled people and what motivated him to be attendant. The program was conducted all about 2 hours and finished with tea and snacks break. Some of new things we found after the programs were;
1. So many students said that it was their first experience to have face to face interaction with disabled people.
2. The programs became very good platform to link student union body, University administration and IL that is every helpful to conduct programs in future.
3. Many students showed their keen interest to work with disability.
4. The program made easy environments to start barrier-free campaign in university compound with
help of different student union body.

Activity 2-
Interviewed of the Potential Candidates:
In the second part of the program, there were about 9 selected students out of 70 students after screening. The program was conducted on date 5th March, 2009. The resources people were Mr. Krishna Gautam, Mr. Krishna Chudhary and Ramesh Neupane.

The Following objectives were accepted from the programs:
-To give the detail information about IL philosophy and to increase their
interest about IL Concept.
– To give the orientation about IL activities and to show them the office environments.
– To make familiar about other office staffs and the official system. Mr. Gautam was main resources
person of that program. He explained IL Philosophy, IL activities, attendant’s services and the activities of IL center’s work by giving more vivid and practical examples matching to our society and culture. On the other hand Krishna Chaudhary explained the disabled movement history, the role played by disabled people in majors’ democratic movement of nation and the acceptation from young student to change the society for all. At last all the participants visited office and introduced with other office staffs of CIL-Kathmandu.

Activity 3-
Attendents Training:
27th March, 2009. The aim of the third part of program was to give the live and practical examples and experience about the attendants services. CIL-Kathmandu felt very lucky to say that we got a very good resources person from Japan, Mr. Tanaka, attendant of Partner Association of Japan during his private visit of Nepal. All the 5 attendants got a very good opportunity to learn the various skill like
?how to bedding, toileting clothing, different mobility training with wheelchair, cooking etc. During the programs Mr. Tanaka did not only teach the skill but also shared his experience of his experience in attendants service carrier, his felling and explained about different interesting event of IL movement of Japan like BUS JACK in Japanese Disability movement history. Similarly, Krishna Gautam explained about the importance of attendent services in the daily living of PWDs. The role module of the training was Mr. Dependra Shakya, persons with severe disability by Cerebral Palsy.

Activity 4-
Mobilization of the Attendants:
The final part of the program was all about to employ all the qualified and trained candidates as attendants. Now they are performing their duties as part time basics in different events. Their present
performances are good. The attendant’s services coordinating and quality maintaining committee is continuously watching their performance and trying to give them the right direction and parallel skill-up programs for consumers. Ther are 5 part time attendents are used to give direct services to the persons with severe disabilities. About 7 PWDs are getting attendents for the daily living activities such as recreation, shopping, toileting and office activities. Severe Persons with Disabilities are enjoying their daily life some how. They are raising their voice to have full time attendent services and demanding the government for fulfillment of their voice.

The programs can be considered as very good and effective to realize the true aspect of IL activities. But on the other hand there are still rooms for improvement while doing the programs in University. The time factors are very important while doing the orientation programs so it is wise to find out the good time so that more students could participate. As there is still not any government system, policy or grand for the attendants services a very big challenges is just in front of CIL-Kathmandu for the sustainability of attendant’s services programs and to find the other alternative ways.

Prepared by:
CIL Kathmandu

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