Letter from Pakistan

Letter from Pakistan

Dear Leaders of disability movement

I would like to share you a horrible situation faced by the disabled persons Pakistan. It is worse then the earth quack in Pakistan 2005. More then 3 million people from the war areas transfer to other cities of Pakistan most of them hosted by the public and there relatives. And a huge number of people are living in the camps. In the camps we found only 256 physically impaired, 13 visually impaired, 11 hearing impaired and 3 intellectual disabled persons. 3 disabled persons who had spinal cord injury died due to the lake of infections. No toilet is accessible, no priority camps set up for disabled persons.

Because of discriminations
Because no many assistive devices disabled persons have.
Because transportation is not accessible
Because disable persons are poorest of the poor
Because disabled persons are not empowered enough to love their lives and they believe that they are burden on their families.
These are the reasons we found after the survey of 283 disabled persons. We asked national and international agencies to consider disabled persons as human.

Today is the second day of our biggest achievement of Milestone history. We got opportunity to get a building of a school disabled person which was not in use. We cleaned it and make it the camp residence of Dip’s (Internally displace persons) PWDs.

Now we have 197 disabled persons and there their families. Their food is arranging by Pakistan Bait ul mall, Ministry of welfare and special education. We are going to start the counseling sessions with disabled persons and their families so when the will be back in their homes they will be strong agent of change of society. This one of the unique projects my life as well.

What we need?
We need the support from you in the shape of advices. Also we need your support to full fill this project as we no money for these activities. We are using resources from our families and friends. Also if you can put some influence to the international support agencies please ask them to consider disabled persons as well in rescue or recover process.

Thanks a lot .

For any inquiry contact me
Shafiq Ur Rehman
479-omer block Allama Iqbal Town Lahore, Pakistan
MILESTONE H8/4 street NO 7 Next to Pakistan Bait ul Mall, Islamabad
Pakistan mirzasahab@hotmail.com

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