Activity Report from Pakistan

Activity Report from Pakistan

Activit Report of CILC (Capital Independent Living Centre, Islamabad)

– Training on Independent Living, organized in Human Care Association, Tokyo Japan by Asia Pacific Network of Independent Living (APNIL) 15th Feb ? 26th Feb, 2010
The topics covered during the training were:
– History and Philosophy of Independent Living Movements
– Philosophy and Services of IL Center
– IL Skill program
– Peer-counseling
– Philosophy and System of PA Service
– Tasks of PA Coordinator
– Support for Empowerment
– Peer-Support Group Activities
– Visit to Mainstream Association
– Accessibility Check

Peer-Support Group Activity:
– On 13th March 2010, Peer-support group was organized for the staff of Capital Independent Living Center.
– Second peer-support group activity organized on 3rd April 2010 for 8 ? 9 persons with disabilities

– CILC took initiative to translate peer-counseling manual prepared by Human Care Association in Urdu. First draft shared with the team for comments. Translated manual will be used by ILC only. Will not publish especially for experts, change contents of text and design of cover page.
– Peer-counseling sessions

Radio program with Dr. Israr Shah
National Consultation on Social Inclusion

Activity Plan for next month:
– Peer-Counseling seminar will be held on Saturday, 8th May 2010 in National Institute of Special Education
– Translation and Printing of Peer-Counseling Manual (prepared by Human Care Association)
– Formation of First Peer-Support Group of Women with Disabilities
– Peer-Support Group Activity (two in one month)
– Ongoing peer-counseling sessions

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  1. Ghulam Muraza Korai says:

    Dear Sir or Madam

    I joined PAF as trainee GD Pilot in 1994. I had met an accident in 1996 during the training which broke my both legs and caused a head injury. Due to the head injury I lost the vision of my left eye. I can’t see with left eye. I had to struggle harder and harder. I did my MBA and started teaching. I have been teaching in private institutions since 2007. Unfortunately I met an accident on 11 March 2010 again. This time it broke my left femur at three places. Dr Imran Ali Shah operated my leg on 15 March 2010. The dr came to know after six months of the operation on 17 September 2010 that due to an orthopaedic complication the operation was’t done properly. However, he reoperated my leg on 22 September 2010. I am father of five innocent children and have been out of job since my accident. I am facing tough financial constaints, so I am making appeal that help me financially as I recover with peace of mindand restart my work as soon as I come back to normal life.I hope to get positive response very soon.

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