Activity Report from Philippines

Activity Report from Philippines

Life Haven’s Activity Report (Jan to March 2010)

Upon hearing the good news from Human Care Association last year, Life Haven started looking for a place to become their new office. It has been difficult for us to find a place where the owner would allow us renovation to make it accessible for persons with disabilities. It was around mid January when we found a place for rent. After meeting the group, and assessment the place, we decided to take the place to become our new office. We consulted an architect to design the office and the estimated cost of renovation. The renovation of the office was done on the 20th of March. The staffs officially started to go to the new office on the 22nd of March. While the office was being renovated, the staffs began reporting to Benjamin “Jun” Bernandino’s house to do the office chores.

One of the activities that Life Haven got into is the fund raising event which was held last March 7, 2010. Everyone was busy when the year started to ensure the success of the fund raising event. The Bingo fund raising event successfully raised some funds. The event also raised some awareness in the community that Life Haven exist to support the independence of persons with disabilities. The funds gathered from the event were used to buy some office equipments and furniture.

Meanwhile, the group started to prepare for the continuation of the peer visit program. Amongst the list, we selected adults who require personal assistant. On our listings, we noticed that many minors with complex (physical and intellectual) disabilities are interested to be visited by us compared to adults with severe disabilities.

SCIF Report (Jan ? March 2010)

Another Independent Living and Peer Counseling Workshop was sponsored by the Local Government Office of San Juan, Batangas through the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office. It was held at Taramindu Garden Inn, Baragay Hugom, San Juan, Batangas last March 2 – 4. It was facilitated by Mr. Abner Manlapaz and Mr. Edwin de Villa. The workshop was attended by 14 persons with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities from different parts of the town though most of them are from within the same barangay. One of the participants, Dominador Bautista Jr, is a trainee of the previous workshop last year. He is very much interested in IL activities.

Most of the participant’s primary concerns are related to their economic survival same as the participants of the first batch. The Local Government will pursue it’s program in initiating a cooperative and utilize local materials to promote small scale business. Through Life Haven’s support we will conduct support group meetings to develop their knowledge and skills in Independent Living.

Last March 22, People With Disabilities Drivers’ Association of the Philippines was launched in the City of Tagaytay, Cavite. This started as a group of friends with common interests, which include Mr. Abner Malapaz, Mr. Edwin de Villa and Mr. Anthony Rebenque. Though most of the members of this organization have never attended any IL workshop yet but they are beginning to have a grasp of the concept through information sharing of some members. The organization intends to adopt the philosophy of IL and intends to conduct a series of workshop if and when resources will be available.

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